Kiss Me.. Im a Prince!
Hello. My name is Laura . I'm a 14 years old girl ,that lives in a little town near the Netherlands. I live here with my mother and her boyfriend . I go to a gymasium .The subjects i hate the most are Maths , French an Physic.But I love englisch . I spend my freetime with meeting my friends ,listening to the music ,watching tv or sitting in front of my computer . I love it to be creative with my photoshop.
I think you cant describe me easily. Sometimes I am very stupid and strange . It means that I talk for hours and when i end my sentence i dont know what i said. If I am meeting persons i dont know im very shy. Its very hard for me to shut up my mouth. Its easy to make me cry .Remember this before you say something stupid to me. I believe in everything you say. I Dont have any self-confidence.But only a few people believe in this. Everyone thinks that i am conceited .

If i am listening to my music i sing even i dont sing it right.I love music. I am listening to it the whole day.
But,hey ,you have to get your own picture of me.